About Camp RoCA

About Camp RoCA

About Camp RoCA

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RoCA is modifying our camp procedures and activities to allow for smaller camp groups and social distancing to keep a safe environment for everyone. Please check here for updates and schedules as they become available

Welcome to Arts Camp @ RoCA!

A place for children to explore their creativity and imagination while developing skills they can bring back to the classroom and use throughout their lives. RoCA is a place for developing artists to explore various art forms on our spacious, grounds and in professionally equipped studios.

Arts Camp @ RoCA features one of the region’s most comprehensive youth art programs. Under the guidance of professional teaching artists/educators and caring counselors, campers explore the arts in a supportive environment where creative expression, group cooperation, personal development, confidence and self-esteem are encouraged. RoCA campers feel a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of summer.

The RoCA campus invites campers to be immersed in art on our ten wooded acres and in our fully equipped, air conditioned art studios. RoCA’s large sparkling pool and open field provide plenty of healthy outdoor recreation. Our camp is proud to maintain a consistent 5:1 camper to counselor ratio for ages 5-9 and 7:1 for ages 10-14.

Arts Camp @ RoCA is a place where memories are made and children forge lasting friendships with their peers and counselors. Children are grouped by grade level. Each season campers learn to express themselves through both visual and performing arts.

Join us and see why Arts Camp @ RoCA is one of the area’s most sought after, unique and praised day camps!

Here are some testimonials from parents of last year’s campers:

“My daughters were in heaven at RoCA this summer- they made deep meaningful connections with their peers and the staff, gained an incredible amount of self-confidence, and were challenged to think more creatively. I noticed a huge change in both my daughters’ ability to problem solve, think creatively, and utilize their imagination.”  

“RoCA Summer Arts Camp was the best experience my daughter has had at camp ever!! The programs, classes, instructors and staff were amazing. She learned a lot and is still talking about RoCA to her friends.”

“Due to the pandemic my son had no opportunity to spend time with other children and enjoy art, music, and the outdoors. He was very happy he was able to enjoy this at RoCA. At Arts Camp @ RoCA, children get to enjoy time doing things they like and have the opportunity to think on their own and be more creative.”

Activities and Instruction

• Swimming 

• Nature Explorations

• Painting & Drawing 

• Ceramics & Sculpture

• Cartooning 

• Yoga & Movement

• Theater Arts 

• Dance & Movement 

• Music 

• Field Games 

Studio Art Programs

Camp RoCA offers a range of studio-based art activities. Professional teaching artists create a curriculum based on the interests and ages of the campers in the groups. Activities are age appropriate and subject to modification.

Class Descriptions

  • Painting & Drawing – Campers are introduced to a variety of art materials and techniques suited to their age and experience.  Principles of color, line, form and composition are taught, as well as the use of charcoal, tempera, watercolor paints and mixed media.  Creativity is emphasized in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.
  • Ceramics & Sculpture – An outstanding and exciting experience for RoCA kids. Campers will work with various sculptural materials to create objects associated with fun camp themes. Campers will design their own ideas and construct their own individual pieces, as well as collaborate on large-scale works.
  • Nature Explorations – Campers get their hands dirty exploring nature in the intersecting space of fine arts, assemblage, earth art, and folk art. Campers work spontaneously with a variety of natural materials on self-directed projects that range from small clay installations, to mandalas made of leaves, berries, and acorns, to large-scale branch constructions.
  • Yoga & Movement -- Campers will learn and practice yoga in a fun, beginner-friendly environment. Sessions will include basic, age appropriate yoga poses, movement, mindfulness exercises, and relaxation techniques.
  • Cartooning – While exploring our diverse summer camp themes, campers will create original cartoon characters!  They will focus on different facial expressions and emotions. They  will also see how introducing color, background and composition can bring a drawing to life.
  • Dance – Each session of camp, the dance styles will change, with each group learning jazz, hip hop, and tap to name a few. Dance includes stretching, warming up all muscles, learning moves for a specific style, as well as learning choreography. Each class is focused to motivate children to be active and expressive, while they learn basic techniques and dance moves. Each session, more dance vocabulary will be added to broaden the student’s overall dance experience. The class and music are a variety that all will enjoy. In addition, the class will some time to give each child the opportunity to create their own routines.   

  • Swimming – Campers enjoy recreational swimming daily, (and COVID-19 protocols permitting, instructional swimming) Tuesday-Thursday, weather permitting, in our large, sparkling pool. Children learn safety, sportsmanship and swimming skills. Games such as water polo and relay races reinforce these basics. The swimming program is under the supervision of an adult specialist who is a certified professional rescuer trained in Water Safety Instruction, Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Management, CPR and first aid. Camp lifeguards are BLS certified. A camp Medical Director is on site.
  • Field Games – Children participate in supervised outdoor activities on our two-acre field. Non-competitive field games round out the program and give children plenty of wholesome physical activity.

Musical Theater on Mondays and Fridays

Musical Theater is the focus of the Monday/Friday program. Campers perform songs, dances and short scenes from Broadway musicals. Working together, they create their own props, costumes and scenery, and then bring it all to life in an exciting, session-ending performance.


Arts Camp @ RoCA 2022 Covid-19 Protocol FAQs

RoCA's protocols are set in accordance to the CDC and the Rockland County Department of Health and are subject to change.

Q: What if I change my mind after registering this summer and I am not comfortable sending my child to camp? Can I get a refund?
A: Yes! We are happy to refund your account OR you can apply your payments already made towards your 2023 registration.

Q: How can I be assured that other campers and staff are not sick upon arrival at camp?
A: All camp staff are required to be vaccinated. In addition, before entering the camp program daily, all camp staff and campers will be required to have their temperature taken, and will continue to do so for the duration of camp. All campers and staff will be pre-screened before coming to camp with questions that have been recommended by the CDC.

Q: Will the format of camp look different from previous summers?
A: While this summer may look different from previous summers with adherence to social distancing guidelines, our programming will continue to provide plenty of outdoor experiences as well as visual and performing arts programs for all campers. 75-80% of all camp activities take place outdoors. RoCA will accept a maximum of 90 campers per session (6 groups of 15 children).

Q: Will my camper have to wear a mask this summer to camp?
A: Only when indoors. We have modified this rule in accordance with the (6/7/21) NY State Guidelines.

Q: Will extra measures be taken to ensure the overall cleanliness of the camp? (i.e. extra sanitizing and disinfecting)
A: Yes! In addition to the thorough cleaning that RoCA already does, multiple cleanings will be scheduled throughout the day. RoCA will follow all the cleaning protocols that the CDC requires and recommends.                                    

Q: Can I bring my own food into camp?
A: Campers bring their own bag lunches and are not permitted to share food.  While we are not a nut-free facility, we have areas designated for children with nut allergies that are nut free.

Q: How will the camp program adhere to social distancing?
A: Campers will stay with their assigned group and enjoy their daily activities. Large gatherings will be prohibited, program activities will be limited to individual groups, and social distancing will be enforced. Campers will not intermingle with other camp groups.

Q: How will camp handle the sharing of supplies?
A: In any “hands on” activities where equipment is shared, all equipment will be cleaned after each group and campers will need to wash their hands immediately following the activity. Campers will receive their own individual bin of art supplies.

Q: Will my camper still be able to swim this summer?
A: According to the CDC, campers should still be able to swim this summer. However, we will adhere to social-distancing recommendations and will only have one group in the pool at a time.

Q: What will be the camper-to-counselor ratio?
A: The CDC recommends that group sizes remain small with no more than 15 campers per group.  We will maintain a 1:5 ratio of campers to counselors for younger groups and 1:7 for older groups. 

Q: What is the protocol should a camper or staff member come down with Covid-19?
A: If a camper or staff member becomes sick, we will follow all guidelines as required and recommended by the CDC. Additionally, if this should happen, the CDC recommends that the facility close for 48 hours.

Q: When will we receive our welcome packet?
A: Welcome packets will be mailed in early to mid-June

Please note: families will be updated on any new or revised Covid-19 protocols.

Email Antonia Edelstein, Camp Director, with any specific questions you may have at antonia@rocklandartcenter.org.