Catherine Konner Sculpture Park

Catherine Konner Sculpture Park

Catherine Konner Sculpture Park

Jacques Jarrige Kinetic Sculptures at RoCA : CURVES #1, #2, #3

The Rockland Center for the Arts presents new work by Jacques Jarrige. 

Rockland Center for the Arts (RoCA) is pleased to collaborate with Piermont Straus Gallery in Piermont, NY, and the Valerie Goodman Gallery in NYC to present the sculptural works of French artist Jacques Jarrige. 

Jacques Jarrige has created a site-specific work for RoCA’s outdoor Catherine Konner Sculpture garden.  The event which opened with an artist reception September 23rd, will be on display from September 23, 2017 until June 30, 2018.    

Entitled CURVES #1  the main piece evokes the surface of a frozen wave captured in hand wrought aluminum placed in a naturally formed apse of three trees – a sculptural expression of energy flow, light and nature.  Four additional hand hammered aluminum sculptures incorporating the kinetics of wind and sound vibration, CURVES #2 & #3 will be installed in the path of the sculpture park. 

Jacques Jarrige’s work over the last thirty years has always focused on the dialogue around the relation of person and objects. In all of his endeavors from sculpture, to design and fabrication of objects for the home, to independent artistic interventions; he has sought to find a balance between disparate qualities of artist, viewer, and object.  

In each medium, a sensual, often hesitant line strives to embrace an elusive volume. The tension between minimal solid shapes and expansive open space is at the heart of his three-dimensional expressive drawings in which he feels it is the medium that dictates his every move. At the end with the artist’s process retained in the object he invites the viewer to freely continue the dialogue. 

There is also the kinetic element:  the line itself already embodies a searching, an almost trembling movement, feeling its way into emptiness, unguided by any preliminary sketches.  Jarrige’s sculptures tend to perform a balancing act like dancers.  A sense of instability, as well as actual motion, inflects their decisive physical presence with a gestural expressiveness and subject to the lightest air movements.

Jarrige has been exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design’s “Loot 15” show in 2015 and a large WAVE at Pullman Hotel during Art Basel Miami in December of the same year.  His work is in the collections of Mobilier National and the Musee des Beaux Arts in Orleans and numerous private collectors.

Piermont Straus Gallery will be showcasing his drawings, sculptural jewelry, miniatures and documentation of process.  Gallery Owner Valerie Goodman will open her home in Piermont to present the interior design work of Jacques Jarrige.

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