NEW! Mary Shelley's Mixed-Media Art Doll Sculptures (Intermediate)

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F16     6 sessions starting Thu. Nov. 16:30-9:30pm

NEW! Mary Shelley's Mixed-Media Art Doll Sculptures  (Intermediate) 

Marisol Diaz $230/seniors $220

Learn a neo-generalist, Frankensteinian art application process of using and altering found-objects, employing sculptural techniques including small mold-making, casting and mixed-media to create one-of-a-kind effigy forms. These art-dolls will be sculptural in nature and can be interactive, with movable parts and/ or have functions such as lockets and container bodies. Open-minded and risk-taking uses of materials to create evocative interpretations of the human figure will be encouraged. Once a found-object armature is developed, materials used will range from: cellu and paper-clay, polymers, mold-making materials, casted resin and/or plaster and epoxy putties and glues. This class will explore, full finishing options from surface design and textures to clothing and paint-work.  This explorative sculpture course will result in a one-of-a-kind art doll you can, not only display, but potentially use! All Students will design, plan and begin project development with basic supplies before venturing off and collecting specific and unique materials that cater to the execution of their artistic vision. Class will begin on day 1 with a dynamic visual presentation which will inspire the varied potential, direction, style and specific and unique material allocation from each participant. A materials list will be sent upon registration. This class is limited to 8.

F16     6 sessions starting Thu. Nov. 16:30-9:30pm

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