New This Summer

New This Summer

New This Summer

Come take a voyage with RoCA this Summer!

As Rockland Center for the Arts commences its artistic journey towards a new and different use of space and time, we invite you and your children to do the same at our Summer Arts Day Camp.

The journey begins on our newly cleared Nature Trail, featuring sculpture from 12 artists. Campers will explore the trail, explore contemporary art and create their own sculptural installations.

Process, Skill and Collaboration:
Through individualized instruction by teaching artists, children will learn about locations around the world, and in the process will explore their own identities as growing artists. With new, integrative activities like Art and Nature, Sculpture, Construction, and Contemporary Fine Arts, our campers will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with one another to develop exciting, complex works. Projects may include: wood constructions, site specific installations, large scale painting, ceramic sculptures and cyanotypes. Teaching artists will collaborate with each other to present multi-disciplinary art programs that build off each other.

Developing as Performers:
Our performing arts will see a change too, as we explore different types of dance and music, and learn specific techniques to encourage campers to develop as individual performing artists. The guidance of our talented and experienced art instructors will help us to learn dance and music from a range of cultures to begin our trek throughout different  places around the world—and maybe we’ll even explore some other planets too! Our campers will work towards creating an innovative fine and performing arts display of both individual and group projects at our new Arts Festivals, which will take place at the completion of each of our four-week sessions.  We’re excited to learn and grow throughout this coming summer, and know you’ll enjoy learning and growing with us as we embark on our voyage of self discovery and creative expression.

New! Adaptable Sessions & Art Stations:
In connection with our theme of exploration of space and time, we’ve added the concept of “adaptable sessions,” which will take place at the 40-minute mark of each period. Thirty minutes into the class period, counselors will be encouraged to assess their group’s progress on their projects as well as their current engagement in the lesson.  With the instructor’s approval, every group will have the opportunity to move to another short activity or “art station” for the remainder of the period, or to remain in the classroom and continue working on their projects. The available stations will vary and change weekly and involve crafts like art cards, art journals, and lanyard & beads, as well as group-wide games, creative dance and music exploration, and rest periods. It is our expectation that younger groups will be able to use this time to break up longer periods and allow for more active or relaxation periods, while older groups will be able to use the time to work more intensively on polishing their projects in their scheduled classes.

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