Glass Bead Workshop
Virtual Artist Talk 
with Kris Campbell & Leslie Fandrich

Thursday, September 24 at 4:00pm
Free of charge

In celebration of the year of the women's movement, join RoCA on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 4:00pm for a free virtual discussion on two exhibits by women. Each explores how women are seen and perceived: LOOK AT ME: Works by Kris Campbell and THE FEMININE PERCEPTION: Beauty and Nonsense, Works by Leslie Fandrich.

Kris Campbell takes a delicate, nominal craft, and, using yarn on mesh screens assembles large works that take up space and demand to be seen.  Her exhibit asks the viewer to go beyond judgment to become aware of what is seen, how something is seen, while actively engaging in the experience of the outward — and inward — gaze.  All the artworks are of women: some confront us, some accept, and some beckon to us to suspend judgment and look within.

Leslie Fandrich tells stories of the feminine deploying collage, by drawing connections to the female body and ways in which women are viewed – or not viewed – in today's society and the media.  Her modern and timeless work explores the ways in which our visual language has provided a disservice to more than half the human population.  Her intent is to question and transform the way women are respected in our culture and reflected in our media.

Join us for a discussion with the artists as they share their inspirations, intents, and ask the questions:  What do women need to do to hold power?  How do powerful women make others feel?  How does feminism intersect with racism, gender roles, and other forms of oppression?  How do women increase their value in a society that frequently de-values them?  How do we perceive gender?

Exhibits on view through October 3, by appointment.
To register and receive Zoom information for this program, 
call (845) 358-0877.