Virtual Artist Talk via Zoom With Barbara Smith Gioia & Diane Churchill Thursday, June 3rd at 6:00pm Free of Charge

To celebrate the potential in all things, RoCA presents two exhibits centering on light and color, join RoCA on Thursday, June 3rd at 6:00pm for a free virtual discussion. These two womens' art bring a sense of relief to the senses with their work: awash with true joy, rinsing away the past year's psychic debris caused by isolation and worry. Fragments of Alliance, works by Barbara Smith Gioia and Gold: Pages from a Lost Book, works by Diane Churchill.

Barbara Smith Gioia invites her audience into an abstract space that communicates potential and possibility, humanity and joy. Gioia draws from the essential line and uses unconventional techniques of "silkscreen unhinged" as an improvisational approach dovetailed with her interest in collage. Mining printed papers, she discovered that fragments were powerful when liberated from the whole and found new life in her paintings, when paired with or incorporating other fragments from completely different prints. The physical rhythm of printing begins the process of translating marks, paint, and color into a free-form dance. The result is a world that is open to interpretation and possibility.

Diane Churchill explores the pigment, reflectivity and symbolic meanings of gold. Something precious is suggested, reminiscent of ancient documents with a form of writing unknown to us. Her artist's mark and the marks of codified writing are an interplay of languages. With the reverential qualities of the Divine, gold is transcendence, its inexpressibility, its permanence. During this pandemic, the artist needed to depict light and paint as aspirational. Gold in her work does not suggest material wealth. Rather, she hopes these "writings" speak to people's minds and hearts.

Join us for a discussion with both women as they share their inspiration, intents and ask: What were the artists' inspiration for these series? How can art relieve our senses? How does art lift us up? Can color change our perspectives? How did art help them through the pandemic? What do these series of paintings mean to the artist?

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