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  1.  NEW! Bending Reality: Working with Color Schemes and Strategies

    NEW! Bending Reality: Working with Color Schemes and Strategies


    Do you have a color "strategy" before you start a painting, or do you simply hope the color will work out in the end? Have you ever wished you had more freedom with color? 

    Color is one of the most important elements in the success of your painting.  Many painters feel bound by the colors they see, which can lead to predictable paintings that lack drama, no matter how well they are painted. It's important to learn how to harness the power of color and use it to communicate your artistic vision.

    In this workshop, learn how "less is more" in your palette for good color harmony, and learn to work with the colors of your choice.

     Patti Mollica, author of "Color Theory, an Essential Guide to Color" will be teaching the strategy behind working with color schemes and pushing color choices to the next level. If you are ready to embark upon new level of color exploration, don't miss this workshop!

    Suitable for all levels and media - acrylic, oils, pastel, watercolor, etc. A minimum enrollment of 10 is needed to run the workshop. A materials list will be sent upon registration.


    Patti Mollica                                                                                        $130                                    
    M272   1 session Sun. Dec. 10                                        10:00am-4:00pm (with ½ hour break)
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  2. Advanced Claywork

    Advanced Claywork


    For serious wheel throwing and handbuilding students who wish to continue to improve their skills in a structured and supportive atmosphere.  Both group and individual instruction is emphasized. This course will include one alternative firing to be determined by the group....

    Don Bradford       $420/senior $400 (plus $35 clay/firing fee per brick)

    F07 12 sessions starting Tues. Sep. 12     9:00am-12:00pm

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  3. Advanced Painting Studio

    Advanced Painting Studio


    This studio course is for advanced students committed to developing a consistent body of work who will produce work independently. This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students who are seeking ways to improve their skills while creating well-realized paintings that continue to evolve....

    Eleanor Miller                                                           $325/ senior $305

    F33    12 sessions starting Mon. Sep. 11             6:30pm-9:30pm

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  4. Anime/Manga: all levels (ages 10-13)

    Anime/Manga: all levels (ages 10-13)


    Students will learn to illustrate in this worldwide popular style of cartooning.  “Manga” means comics in Japanese and “Anime” is short for Japanese animation.  Returning students are welcome and each child will receive individualized instruction to develop their artistic skills... 

    Kanitra Perreault                                                       $200

    F53 10 sessions starting Fri. Sep. 15                   4:30pm-6:00pm

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  5. Botanical Watercolor (all levels)

    Botanical Watercolor (all levels)


    Learn the fine, controlled watercolor techniques used by traditional botanical artists. Flat and graded washes, wet on wet, as well as dry brush technique will be covered. We will work with seasonal subjects, such as fall leaves and branches, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Basic color theory using a limited palette will be applied in each class. No drawing experience necessary; photographic reference will be provided. The instructor will demonstrate as well as provide individual guidance to meet the skill level of each student.

    Laura Vogel                                                        $217/$203 senior

    F37  8 sessions starting Thurs. Oct. 5                 1:00-4:00pm

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  6. Ceramics Studio: Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing  (all levels)

    Ceramics Studio: Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing (all levels)



    This course will cover basic handbuilding and wheel throwing skills.  Let’s discover what method is most suited to create the work that best pleases your aesthetic sensibility.  Both wheel throwing and hand building demonstrations will be given. There will be one-on-one attention for those of you pursuing a more advanced agenda.  This will be an engaging experience for beginning and beyond artists looking to work in ceramics.  Clay is a living material and therefore challenging both technically and conceptually as an art medium.  Let's have fun with it!

    Michael Porfido                                                        $410/ senior $390  plus $35 clay/firing fee (per brick)           

    F50     12  sessions  starting Mon. Sep. 11                 9:30am – 12:30pm

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  7. Ceramics Workshop (ages 9-13)

    Ceramics Workshop (ages 9-13)


    This intermediate class is for students with previous clay experience who want to improve their wheel throwing and hand building skills.  Sculpture, glaze application, and decorative techniques will be covered.

    Jim Shaughnessy                                        $245

    F49   10 sessions starting Sat. Sep. 16                 10:00am-11:30am

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  8. Claymation (ages 8-11)

    Claymation (ages 8-11)


    Claymation, or clay animation, is a type of stop-motion animation that uses frame-by-frame images to capture the motion of clay figures. In this exciting mixed media class, children will write the story, create and construct characters, design sets and photograph scenes.

    Kanitra Perreault                             $245 (plus $15 materials fee)

    F254 10 sessions starting Mon. Sep. 18       4:30-6:00pm

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  9. Creative Clay (all levels)

    Creative Clay (all levels)


    This class focuses on developing individual styles by offering a diverse range of handbuilding and sculpture techniques. Students will expand on basic skills by learning how to use unusual forms and altering methods in both non-functional and functional work.

    Marlene Krumm Sanders     $410 / senior $390 plus $35 clay/firing fee (per brick)

    F09 12 sessions starting Tues. Sep. 12               6:30-9:30pm

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  10. Creative Writing

    Creative Writing


    In a 12-week class devoted to poetry, memoir and fiction, students will have the opportunity for in-depth class discussion of their writing, and will receive a written critique from the instructor on each piece read in class. Critiques will incorporate constructive criticism and suggestions for revision... CLASS FULL

    Sally Lipton Derringer                                             $295/  senior $275

    F28    12 sessions starting Thurs. Sep. 14          7:30pm-10:00pm

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  11. Drawing & Painting the Human Figure (all levels)

    Drawing & Painting the Human Figure (all levels)


    This class is designed to encourage the development of individual representational style and is suitable for artists of all levels.  This class will focus on extensive individual attention in a relaxed, non-judgmental working environment...

    Dan Dugan                      $325/ senior plus $90 model fee

    F173   12 sessions starting Tues. Sep. 19    6:30pm-9:30pm

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  12. Drawing in Color (all levels)

    Drawing in Color (all levels)


    This class provides an exciting and innovative environment for the exploration of non-toxic, water-soluble colored pencils. The fundamentals and technical aspects of rendering in color will be explained..REGISTER TODAY!

    Paula Madawick $325 plus $10 materials fee/ senior $305 plus $10 materials fee  


    F99 12 sessions starting Fri. Sep. 15 1:00-4:00pm



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