Classes will not be held
2/19 - 2/25 for Winter Recess
Gallery is open all week
(on Feb. 22, gallery opens @ 1pm)

Summer Day Camp - Parental Authorization Form

To be registered for Summer Day Camp you MUST complete and submit the form below.

Parental Authorization
Parental authorization are terms and conditions we ask that you read and agree to. By submitting this form you are giving us your digital signature that you have read, understand and agree to these terms.

1. The Rockland Center for the Arts reserves the right to cancel this contract if the Camp Director feels the child is not benefiting from the program or is disruptive to others.

2. Permission is hereby granted for photographs to be taken of my child during Camp activities and the Camp has the right to utilize these photographs in camp brochures and publicity. 

3. I understand that:
(a) The camp deposit (less $10 per child) is refundable before March 15, 2018. Tuition minus deposit is refundable until May 1, 2018.
(b) No refunds will be made for absences.
(c) Tuition is refundable only according to the written policy.

Rockland Center for the Arts Inc. follows a nondiscriminatory policy in admissions and employment.


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