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“A Distant Embrace”, works by Robert Hite.  

Hudson Valley artist Robert Hite grew up in Virginia but has traveled the world.  Hite is interested in exploring issues of local knowledge, memory, transience, environment, disenfranchisement and domicile as living art through sculpture, painting and photography. Much of his photographic work juxtaposes the artificial and the natural and play with architectural scale.

Hite’s cottages and cabins, many on stilts, have a lopsided, somewhat ramshackle air to them, as if nature is slowly reclaiming the buildings.

William Lynn wrote of Hite “These sculptures and photographs are not adequately interpreted in terms of landscape art or sustainability alone. Rather Rob visually resituates human endeavors as part of a more than human world…. His whimsical, mythological forms allow us to step back from current architecture and landscape development. To remember bedtime stories and ethnographic traditions, real or imagined. Rob scales us down to size, visually, aesthetically and morally. He envisions a more humble humanity.”    (William Lynn of Ethics and Politics of Sustainability.)

Hite has shown his work widely, including a solo show at The Nassau County Museum of Art, the Hancock Shaker Village and the Berkshire Museum. Hite was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2014.

The exhibit is on view October 8 through November 19, 2017.

Dwellings explores the environment of home, types of dwellings and self-contained units of accommodations through a diverse collection of materials and mediums. The prefabricated house has been, and continues to be, not only a reflection on the house as a replicable object of design but also as a critical agent in the discourse of sustainability, and architectural invention, it is a source of societal class and social structure, family communication, or the deterioration of our very core of existence. Our home interiors create our environment and state of mind.

Join us to view the various types of dwellings and the question of how our outside environment affects our indoor environment and our interactions. Artists include: International Renown photographer Leonard Freed, Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient Charlotte Schulz, Nederland’s artist Eric Cremers, ceramist Jennie Chien, fiber artist Lynn Cornelius, glass artist Susan Cox, mixed media artists Kevin Frances and Hao Ni.

The exhibit is on view October 8 through November 19, 2017, with an opening reception October 8th, 1-4 pm.


Rockland Center for the Arts presents an exhibition on the ‘Home’.  
Artists explore what ‘Home’ means? Our home interiors create our environment and state of mind. It is often the place we associate with our identity. How does our interior home space affect our emotional and mental outlook on life? Is it a sanctuary, a creative space, a place of conflict, new beginnings, endings, or memories? The artists in this exhibit explore the home and its environment.

Artists include: Hannah Brenner-Leonard, Arthur Gunther, Dalit Gurevich, Bruce Hirsch, Susan Hostetler, Joyce Kanyuk, Lisa Karrer, Paula Madawick, Kathleen McCarthy, Suzanne Mitchell, Eileen Brady Nelson, Janet Pirozzi-Riolo, Laura Shapiro, Bryce Speed, Peter Strasser and Valerie Williams-Sanchez

The exhibit is on view October 8 through November 19, 2017, with an opening reception October 8th, 1-4 pm.