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Exhibitions Current




January 24, 2015 12:00am – 4:00pm
Ages 17 and up
Art supplies will be available

An adult must accompany participants on the spectrum.

Please call for pre-registration phone interview Limited to 15 - 20

Student teacher ratio 1: 4

Rockland Center of the Arts will be holding an immersive one-day workshop experience inspired by ROCA's current exhibition BEAUTIFUL MINDS: Pure Vision, developed specifically for individuals on the spectrum who will be working side by side with artists. The workshop session will promote the creative potential of all people with the core belief that creativity is transformative.

This workshop will be led by expert educators and artists in the field of autism. Through the workshop experience, participants will experiment with hands-on art making in an inclusive environment. Using RoCA's Catherine Konner Sculpture Park as inspiration, participants will use plexi, paint and a brayer to create monotypes, a printmaking technique.

Lunch will be served. Breaks will be taken, as needed. Images and videos of the park will be playing on two large screens in the studio for reference as well as sculpture park walks.

Bios of the workshop leaders:
Mitra Dejkameh - ATR-BC Manager of the Art Access Programs and Autism Initiatives of the Queens Museum. Mitra creates programming and manages grant-based projects collaborating with libraries, cultural institution, and community-based healthcare organizations to promote accessible and inclusive programming. Mitra has a M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy from Hofstra University and an M.F.A. in Visual Arts, and is a doctoral candidate in Art Therapy. She is an ABA Instructor and NYS certified Visual Arts Teacher.

Laura Lynch - Director of Education at the Nassau Museum of Art (NCMA) was an Museum Education Specialist For 10 years at the Queens Museum of Art (QMA), including serving as senior manager of school, youth and family programs. Ms. Lynch holds undergraduate and graduate a degrees in art education. She was recognized by the Queens Teens Program with the President's Office on Arts and Humanities in 2008.





February 13 – April 3, 2016
Opening Reception: February 13, 2-5 pm

Kevin Paulsen of Kingston is a prolific artist and muralist whose work brings to mind the 19th century American Itinerant artists. The effortless movements and confidence with which he uses his materials creates a lush and beautiful atmosphere veiled with dark mythology. Using only the simplest of tools such as a toothbrush, ink, charcoal and tape Paulsen's brilliance shimmers.

Paulsen's love of beauty is without apology: it's lush, mythic and, due to technique and medium, strangely familiar. With cracks, fissures and uneven edges, Paulsen's pieces appear to be a fresco plucked from yesterday - a bit of American vernacular caught in time storm and recently discovered amid ancient Rome... and he wants to evoke that feeling.

RoCA welcomes Kevin Paulsen in this inaugural viewing of two never before seen series Entitled "Winter Theorems" and "Outskirts", curated by Kate Doris.

Paulsen 's solo exhibitions include such prestigious places as Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, NY; Graphicus Gallery, Nantucket, MA; Kelley Roy Gallery, Miami, FL; Nantucket House, Nantucket, MA; Nathan Turner, Los Angeles, CA; Tyler Taylor Fine Art, New Cannan, CT; David Findlay Gallery, New York, NY; and Gore Dean, Washington, DC.

Opening Reception will be held Saturday, February 13, 2-5 pm and is on view through April 3, 2-16. Regular Hours are: Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-4, and Sun 1-4 pm.




BEAUTIFUL MINDS: pure vision
Opening reception Sunday, November 1, 2:00pm-5:00pm
runs through January 24, 2016

Lynn Stein, curator
Peter Artin, associate curator

This exhibition features 12 artists from the roster of Pure Visions Arts, (PVA) NYC's only professional art studio devoted to supporting and creating exhibiting opportunities for artists with neuro–developmental challenges such as autisum, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

BEAUTIFUL MINDS: pure vision expands our perception of what makes an artist an artist while embracing the innate imagination and perserverance of the human spirit. These dedicated artists welcome us into their private worlds with open arms.

Examples of the art work featured includes: painting on common objects such as vinyl records or VHS tape boxes; transforming Abraham Lincoln on actual pennies into super heroes, Muppets, etc.; fabricating life-sized parking meters, and miniature cars, buses ,washers, and subway trains with details such as location, year, make and model. Helmets and weapons influenced by an artist's ethnic heritage are faithfully recreated.

Nicole Appel, Oscar Azmitia, William Britt, Susan Brown, Chris Chronopoulos, Chase Ferguson, Barry Kahn, Chris Martin, Walter Mika, Eric Sadowsky, Alba Somoza and Dennis Yee.

Nicole Appel 
Faberge Eggs and Communist'Posters 19"x24" colored pencil on paper


Oscar Azmitia
Aging Super Heroes  14"x17" enamel on us coins


William Britt
untitled 24"x30" 2010 oil on board


Susan Brown
portrait with her paintings


Chris Chronopoulos
Mixed Media  2012 - 2014


Chase Ferguson
Assorted Parking Meters and Traffic Lights


Chris Martin
Staten Island Ferry 11x28" color pencils on paper


Walter Mika
portrait with his paintings


Eric Sadowsky
Ice pop series  19" x 24" 2014 ink on paper


Alba Somoza
Untitled 30"x40" 2014


Dennis Yee
Hayden Planetarium 30"x48" 2015 acrylic on canvas



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