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Exhibitions Current

d i O r a m a  curated by Lynn Stein
Opens Sunday, October 19
An artist talk and artist reception from 2-5pm.
On view through December 21, 2014

RoCA goes big, really big, this fall with the exhibition: Diorama: The Original Virtual Reality.
Artists Emil Alzamora, Robert Egert, Neal Hollinger and Rick Prol have been commissioned to create life-size dioramas, measuring 12’ x 8’ x 6’, incorporating their unique individual visual vocabularies.  A carnival atmosphere of multi-layered visuals will encompass the gallery.   

Emil Alzamora with his 2001: A Space Odyssey like sensibility creates “Will You Learn From Me?” Alzamora explores the subconscious journey of parenthood and the challenges inherent in passing down values through the generations.



Rick Prol, a veteran master of gothic angst and an icon of the 80’s East Village, NYC art scene according to Art in America will bring his cat-o-puss and ghost bike series to Diorama.  “The Rescue” is Prol’s bleak but hopeful bedtime story.



“Studio Voices” by Robert Egert will focus on the manifestation of the voices of writers, artists, philosophers, etc. that artists hear in their minds while in their studios. Egert is represented by Ethan Pettit Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.



Neal Hollinger’s “Black Panther” is the most traditional in its thematic.  A life size panther with all its mythological symbolism will be the focus of Hollinger’s diorama.  The One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY, represents him.


October 19 - December 21
Opening reception - Sunday, October 19, 2-5pm



Noah Becker - Portraits / Gallery ONE
Noah Becker is an acclaimed oil painter with exhibitions at numerous international museums and galleries. Becker is a jazz saxophonist and the founding editor of Whitehot Magazine, also contributing writer for Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art, the Huffington Post and ARTVOICES. Becker lives and works in New York City.



Patrick Binns - Urban Playgrounds
Gallery TWO
Patrick Binns' large format film images of abandonded industrial spaces become the canvas and playground for graffiti artists and paintball games. The effects of entropy and decay become the palette for Binns' photographs.


Zachary Fabri - Tether Me Not
Media Project Spaces
Zachary Fabri's video and performance seeks to create a space for discourse around social and political systems of oppression. Often his work responds to a specific environment or context, exploring the idiosyncrasies of daily life.

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