About Us

Community Outreach Programs Offered

RoCA’s programs extend deep into the community bringing a wide variety of quality art experiences to anyone with a desire for creative expression. We strive to provide equitable access to the arts for individuals, community groups and populations with special needs through custom-designed programs

Over 500 children annually in underserved school districts, participate in ROCA tours/workshops programs, many offered free of charge.

RoCA Educational Partnerships
Rockland 21C: Collaborative for Children & Youth works together with RoCA to bring free art workshops to families countywide with an emphasis on programs for English Language Learners. RoCA partners with other local non-profit organizations such as Jawonio, ARC of Rockland and BOCES to provide customized art programs to teens and adults with serious disabilities.

Mentoring Youth Programs
RoCA has mentorship programs for high school students in partnership with both Rockland BOCES and the WISE program.

Staff Development
Rockland BOCES collaborates with RoCA annually to present the Visual Art Educators Conference for local art teachers. RoCA custom designs teacher training workshops for educators interested in developing new skills and learning innovative methods of art education.

Scholarships / Work Exchange
Scholarships are available to low-income children for both classes and camp.
For application and deadline information, call (845) 358-0877.